Saturday, November 24, 2007

It Has Been Two Years Already!

Time sure does fly by! Two years ago, we moved from our very tiny apartment into our house! So, we did not host Thanksgiving that year! :) It is amazing to think that 2 years have already past since we moved into this house. It seems like we have been here longer than that!

Our house was in move-in condition, which was a blessing, since I was about 35-36 weeks pregnant! There was no painting that was going on at that point in time! There were SO MANY boxes everywhere - I was so thankful for my mom, my MIL, and some friends that helped to clean the house (it did not need heavy cleaning, but just to go over things briefly, and my mom also helped me to put my kitchen together! They were all such blessings to me!

Although there were some rooms that we wanted to paint, we were not really sure what color or style we wanted it in, so we just put it off. Well, now that Baby #2 is coming along, we HAVE to paint - well, I just went shopping for the equipment and I will help in choosing the paint color, since I am 34-35 weeks pregnant!

So, today - two years from the day that we moved into this house, my mom and Dawson stated to paint Brady's new room. They cleared the rest of the items out of the room, spackled, and painted the ceiling. Then tomorrow, the primer will be put on (that is the plan), and hopefully a decision will be made on the color.

I just knew that we could not leave the room pink with princesses on the walls. They just had to go! Here are some before photos. The photos do not even show how bright the pink actually is!

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