Monday, November 19, 2007

Can You Really Mess Up Ice Cream?

I have not posted for quite some time - I have been a little bit busy and have not really had time to blog. I do have a few things to write about though...the first one will be about ice cream.

I LOVE ice cream! I really enjoy Turkey Hill - especially their Philadelphia types - vanilla bean and coffee. BUT...I also really enjoy the Philadelphia Eagles ice cream (vanilla ice cream, fudge and chocolate covered peanut butter footballs - YUM) - NOT the team!!! No offense to any Eagles fans out there, but I grew up as a Giants fan and now I am a Patriots fan (due to the fact that my husband grew up as a Patriots fan, and it is fun to route for the same team).

Last Friday, I was in the mood for Chinese food, and neither of us felt like cooking, so I ordered take out. Right by the Chinese Restaurant, there is a grocery store that I NEVER shop at because I am NEVER happy with what I buy from there. Their produce is wilty, I bought chicken there once and did not look at the due date - I bought it on the due date and when I went to use it two days after I bought it, it was bad!, my dad went to buy soda there and the outside of the containers were dusty and sticky! Are they trying to run themselves out of business? I really do not know how they stay open!

Anyway, to my point of the story. I told Dawson that I would go into this grocery store and pick up some ice cream - because I was in the mood for some. He said to me, "Are you sure you want to go there? You have NEVER been happy with anything that you have bought there!" My response - it's ice can you screw up ice cream!...

So, I went into the store, saw that Turkey Hill was on sale for $2.50 a carton, AND they had my absolute favorite ice cream...Philadelphia Eagles! I was SOOOOOO excited!!!! :)

After we ate our dinner, Dawson scooped some ice cream out for us, and we began to eat it - I was so looking forward to eating it. However, it tasted funny! It tasted grainy and just yucky! Not smooth and creamy as I was imagining. At first, I thought that it was just me, but I when I said something to Dawson, he agreed that something was not right.

Maybe it was the freezers at the grocery store? Then, something made me think to ask Dawson to check the expiration date. The date on the bottom of the carton said 11/14/07!!! We purchased it on 11/16/07!!!

So, the next day, I returned the carton of ice cream - that was really weird to do - but, I wanted my $$ back! I then went to the grocery store that I normally shop in and decided to look at the bottom of those cartons. Do you know what they said? 11/??/08 (I cannot remember the middle number). I was SO shocked!!!

So, does that mean that I was eating ice cream that was made last year? Did that yucky grocery store just store it in their freezer for a whole year and then take it out to sell to me? I really do not know, but what I do know is that I am not ever going to go there again!

I think that I might contact Turkey Hill too and let them know what happened to me. If that was my first experience with T.H. ice cream, I would have never tried it again, but since I know better, I think that I will be getting a carton of Eagles ice cream soon!

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Classic MaMa said...

Good for you for returning said "yucky" ice cream. I would have done the same thing!