Monday, May 18, 2009

Making Great Decisions

"Why is it easier to make a healthy choice for what my child should eat (for a snack), but when it comes to myself, I often make a poor one...such as chocolate for a snack?"

This is a question that began to run through my mind a few weeks ago, and I decided to address it!

A few months ago, I came to realize that I needed to start exercising. After having two children and not incorporating any real form of exercise into my life, my body was out of shape, and the "baby fat" had not completely gone away...and since my baby is now 16 months old, I decided that it was high time to begin to exercise! My sister volunteered to help me out with childcare while I worked out on her treadmill - and that was a good start...but it has changed, for the better!

My sister was working out with her husband, but some things changed (which you can read more about here), and she was in need of a new, I suggested that could watch the kids and she could also work out...and since then, another friend has joined us!

We then took this a step further. We talked about what we were doing and why we were doing it, and we both agreed that we were not exercising to just lose weight (although that is a great benefit), but this is what is on our hearts:

"To incorporate healthy eating and exercise in daily life and decision making."

That is our focus. By making great decisions in our life - we are choosing a healthy lifestyle, to be healthy person, mommy, and wife.

So, what are our goals? I will tell you more about that another time!

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