Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Bloomin' Onion!

We had a lot of fun today - it was a whirlwind of a day!

We got up, got everyone fed and dressed and flew out the door so that Brady could participate in a township Easter Egg hunt - which lasted all of 5 minutes! The eggs are basically strewn around a roped off area on a soccer field. He was in the one and two year old area and he had a great time picking up the eggs - it was really crazy though. He got a total of 7 eggs which was pretty good, but I think that he could have had more if some of the parents were not helping their kids pick up the eggs..hello, it is for 1 and 2 year olds! The cutest part of it was that after we were done, he dumped all of his eggs out and then put them in his basket again - he did this many times throughout the day, so it was like he really got 50 or so eggs! :)

After the egg hunt, we raced home to get a few items and then headed out to BJ's to do some shopping and use some coupons that expired today! So, after buying over 700 diapers and 283 ounces of Cheerios, and a few other items (two things of chicken legs were marked down to 39 cents/lb - I think that I will make Soy Chicken Legs), we headed over to Arby's so that I could get my free sandwich since I signed up for their club thing online. I did have to buy a medium drink and medium curly fries, but then I got a free yummy sandwich - and it was delicious!

After I got my Arby's to go, we headed to Grammie and Poppy's - I had to do my taxes and we use their Turbo Tax (thanks Dad!). So, once we got there, everyone got fed again, the baby spit up his lunch on my shirt (I will be happy when the spit up phase is over!), the boys went down for a nap and I began to tackle my taxes with my dad...I am happy to say that we are getting a refund and I have that done and over with!

After we were done with the taxes, we headed home, decided to go for a walk since the weather was so nice, Brady went on another egg hunt with his seven eggs, and then it was time to feed the boys and put them down for the evening - Dawson and I ate after we put them to bed tonight...just the way today went.

So, all of that, to say that today was very eventful! Oh, I just realized that I did not get to use my dollar-double coupons at Giant...oh well - I am not going out now! It is time for bed!

I did want to write a post about the Bloomin' Onion turning 20 today (found at Outback Steakhouse), but just did not have the time! I have not had a bloomin' onion in such a long time, but I have been asked to visit the restaurant and celebrate their 20th birthday and to write about our, that will be coming up soon. I hope to get there by next weekend!

So, what's in it for you? You will be able to read about my experience there and you will also get the chance to win a contest that I will be having too! So, stay tuned! We will hopefully get there soon! I am excited about the giveaway too! :)

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