Wednesday, March 19, 2008

CVS-ing: This Week Has Been Great!

This week, CVS has had some amazing deals. I just want to remind you that right now, I am only choosing to buy things that will give me the same amount of ECBs back that I would spend on the product or I will buy something that I have a really good coupon for, that will still give me ECBs back. However, I did buy 3 items that had a "try me free" rebate form on it and no ECBs back. I figured that it was worth it. I am hoping that I will actually get my rebate back on the item since I paid for it with ECBs and not actual cash...we will see in 8-10 weeks! Not sure why it takes them so long to send you a rebate check!

So, this week, I went to CVS three times, I did a total of 7 transactions and spent about $2.73 out of pocket max and received well over $100 worth of items. On Sunday, I did 3 transactions in a row. I let two people go ahead of me so that they did not have to wait for me to do this. Monday night, I went out after the boys were put down for bed and I did another 3 transactions, and then last night I did one more.

CVS-ing has been a lot of fun. Not only am I able to buy things for pennies and save our family money, but I am also able to get out of the house for a little bit too. Shopping at CVS has become a little bit of a hobby for me - I am able to figure out what I can buy for next to nothing and figure out how I can increase the amount of ECBs that I have left at the end of the transaction. It gives me a little time to myself and a sense of accomplishment too! I know that there are other things that you can do to get this same feeling, but right now, I am enjoying CVS!

I have been meaning to take photos of what I have been purchasing to post like Thrills did (way to go girl!), but just have not done that yet! Maybe after my next visit!

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