Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Little Boy is Growing Up!

I have been praying that the Lord would show me when Brady was ready for a big boy bed, and on Sunday, March 9, I felt that it was time. So, on Monday, March 10, we started Brady (who is 26 months old) in a big boy bed for his nap. Our main rule is that he is not allowed to get out of bed by himself. When he wakes up (or if he needs something), he needs to call for us - just like he did when he was in his crib. Then, when we get there, we tell him that he is allowed to get out of bed. So, we had him "practice" that a few times before we kissed him goodnight.

The crib was taken out of his room on Monday night, and Brady has done really well in the bed, overall. He fell off the end of the bed one time, so I make sure that I check on him every night before I go to bed, and if I feel that I need to adjust him in the bed a little bit, then I do! Yesterday, he woke up crying during his nap. When I went in to his room to get him, he was standing up on the side of his bed in between the bed and the guard rail - I guess he must have somehow pushed the guard rail out and slid down the side of the bed. I am glad that he was okay, but it is never fun when your child wakes up crying! He was fine after a little while though.

I am so proud of my little guy. He is doing great in his big boy bed - he just took to it so quickly! He is being a good listener and staying in his bed until we come to get him. He is getting to be such a big boy!


Melissa said...

I must say you have a quite an obedient little guy there!

Transitioning to the "big girl" bed at our house brings back suppressed, traumatic memories. Mine, not the kids! They still have not mastered the art of sleeping in their own beds!! It is an all out snugglefest, perpetual sleepover here most nights, but thankfully they leave us out of the equation and hop in each other's beds!

Anonymous said...

We let SportTman sleep in a big bed at the same age!! And we did the same thing, we did not let him get out of bed unless he called us. And we also practiced like you did.
The funny thing was, once he got used to calling and asking to get up, he did it out of habit until he was about 8 years old!! :)

Way to go Brady!