Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gurgle, Gurgle, Gurgle

That is the noise that we heard from our little four week old's stomach yesterday. Yesterday was a very draining day for me...

I could not really understand why our baby would not take his naps like he normally does. He would have such a hard time falling asleep, then he would not sleep for long and wake up crying. That repeated throughout the day. I could hear gurgling in his stomach and I tried to help him get the air out - either end would have been fine! However, I just could not seem to help him get all of it out.

It was a long day - feeding him, wake time, he yawns, time to put him down to sleep. He cries - but not the cry of "I will fall asleep soon, I just need to cry a little bit." This was a cry in which you know that their is gas trapped inside him. So, I would go back up, burp him (and he did burp - but not all of the gas would come out), I would do the backwards "C" on the left side of his stomach - some gas came out the other end, but not all of it, I would change his diaper, swaddle him and pray with him (petitioning to the Lord to please help!), put him down for his nap again, and hope that this would be the time that he would fall asleep. He would sometimes fall asleep, but not for too long.

By the time that Dawson came home, I was wiped out. Then we figured out that it was probably the cooked onions in the quesadillas that I ate and/or the spinach lasagna. Something that I ate gave the little guy gas...

Anyway, he slept well last night and this morning went well, but this afternoon has not gone too well...Hopefully, this gaseous milk will be out of my system soon so that I can have a little break throughout the day again!

Thanks to my mom who came over last night to put Brady to bed while I was putting the baby to bed and Dawson was at a doctor's appointment - she is the best! :)

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Livin' Life said...

OH those days!! I remember them too clearly. Rocker was colicky(not sure that's a word) baby. The rocking (hence the nickname) and walking and late nights.