Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One Down...Three More To Go!

Today, we found out that one of Brady's two year molars has pushed through!!! We are SO excited about that! However, the other three are not visible yet! :(

We prayed a lot before and while Brady was teething - that he would not have any pain and that they would come in easily and quickly. He really did not have any problems with any of his teeth coming in. I have heard many "horror" stories from other parents, and we were very thankful that his sleep was never interrupted by the teeth coming in...until now.

Yes, we still are praying and yes, God is still God, but we are out of the Garden and pain does exist. Brady had a span of a few days in which he woke up during the night with a fever, and that was the only symptom - I had a feeling that it was the teething, but you really do not know until a tooth suddenly pops through. So, now, I know that the fever was related to this tooth coming in. He would also wake up crying midway through his naps (on and off) recently.

So, I am happy that this tooth has come in - we cheered! And I am looking forward to these other three coming in...hopefully soon...just in time for the baby to start teething! I am praying that he has a similar experience as Brady did!


Livin' Life said...

Shaggy our 9year old just discovered one of his molars are wiggling. The dentist told us it's the last bunch to leave so now we will see what losing teeth and having the new ones erupt work with older kids.:)

Classic MaMa said...

Teething is NOT fun.