Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How Do You Like Your Oatmeal - Burnt or Spewed?

This morning was a little interesting, to say the least! There were times that I just "lost my head" - I just would get distracted and forget what I was doing!

This was one of the first mornings that our Lil' Baby did not wake up around 5:30am - just because he had gas (or something!) - it was usually after about an hour after I had fed him, and I guess it really has been during the last week. So, that was a cool thing, but when he woke up at 7:15am, we realized that we overslept! (or at least Dawson had - I usually like to be up and ready for the day by then, but I do not have to leave the house for work!)

So, I fed the baby, Dawson got some clothes on to go shovel - I think that he was out there for over an hour, because of all of the ice. I made some oatmeal for Brady and myself - that is what I am used to doing - Dawson usually makes his own breakfast. However, when he came in from outside, I offered him some. I did not make enough for him too, but knew he had to get to work, so I gave him what I made, and started to make some more. This is where I started to get forgetful...

So, I started the oatmeal on high, to get it boiling (and then I turn it to low for 5 minutes). Dawson had said that he wanted to check the weather, so I went over to the computer and got it going, and got distracted by an email from a friend...

Suddenly, I heard Dawson walking into the kitchen and said, "I thought I smelled something burning!" Yes, the oatmeal was still on high! AND it was burning on the bottom!

Oh well - start over again. I got some more going, and thankfully, Dawson was still in the kitchen with me, because I got distracted making coffee, and almost forgot about it again!!!

I told Dawson that it was "his fault" that I burnt the oatmeal, because I am not used to him being around still and he was distracting me - you know, because I turned the computer on for him and made coffee for him. (which he forgot on the counter - he was bummed about that!). I said all of that with a smile and laugh of course! :)

Moving on...while Dawson was still here, Brady pooped in his diaper - I went to go and get the diaper bag from the other room, but got distracted and totally forgot, until Dawson walked into the room where Brady was and I heard him say, "Buddy, you stink!" Oops! That would have been changed already, but I got distracted! Can't blame that one on Dawson! I cannot remember what distracted me, but I got the diaper bag and changed our little boy. (Yes, Dawson could have done it, but he was eating breakfast and getting ready for work).

Moving on with our morning. We waved "bye, bye" to Daddy, and then I had to feed the baby. After he was put back down for another nap, we had time to eat our now cold oatmeal. I have eaten cold oatmeal many times, so I really did not mind - neither did Brady. Brady and I were eating at the table and then Brady said that he was "all done" and then "watch TV" - he had a few more spoonfuls left, so I told him that he had to eat some more oatmeal and then he could watch a show...

I really should have believed that he was all done. He is a good eater and I really have no problems with the amount that he eats. So, I decided that he would be done after two more bites. The first bite was no problem...

The second bite went like this (all at once)

I gave him the last spoonful of oatmeal (which I thought was swallowed)

He went to put his paci in his mouth

Suddenly, oatmeal is spewed from his mouth - on his cute snowboarder sweatshirt, on his hands, the chair and the carpet!

I was like - "WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!" and "GROSS!!!"

So, I cleaned him up and then he told/showed me that he had sneezed...ok, that makes sense, but it was still so gross...why had I "forced" one more bite!!! :)

So, it is all cleaned up and I have to say that I did not get upset by anything that happened. I figured that as long as I take care of my kids today and they are fine, it is ok if something gets burned or spewed across the room...that can be cleaned up!

So, I have about an hour left before the Lil' Baby wakes up, so I need to make good use of this time...and go clean a bathroom! Sounds like fun! :)


TCC said...

I like mine more on the thicker side with raisins. So I don't really want it burnt or spewed. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Baby brain, it's all baby brain! Pretty soon, we all fall to it :)

Thrills said...

Let me just warn you. I still get distracted all the time. Ever since Little Guy was born, I don't think I have accomplished anything completely (without a distraction). Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD because I can't focus. Oh well maybe someday I will be able to focus again.

Livin' Life said...

I am with Thrills, I don't have babies any more but I still feel like a chicken with my head cut off sometimes. It just makes life more interesting I guess.

I prefer oatmeal with lots of brown sugar and raisins but I have had the burnt and spewed type too.

Dawson said...

Thanks for still loving me even when it is my fault.

I love you lots