Friday, February 15, 2008

My "Surprise" Special Delivery

Yesterday, I received an email from Dawson letting me that there was going to be a special delivery that was going to be made somewhere between 9-5! He told me that he wanted it to be a complete surprise, but he decided to give me a heads up, so that I would answer the door (even if I was a little busy at the moment with one of the boys).

I was so excited! I had a feeling that it would be flowers, but I was not sure! He has never sent flowers to me since we have been married, so who knows! (he has given me flowers, but has hand delivered them)

Yesterday, at about 4:50pm, I saw the delivery truck drive up, and I went to the door to receive a box. Inside the box were the beautiful bouquet of one dozen red roses and a little box of chocolates. They are such beautiful roses and they smell so good! I will have to post another photo of them (if I think about it) as they begin to bloom. Dawson walked into the house about 5 minutes later and he got a big kiss and hug! :) It was so thoughtful of him to do this! He told me that he has been wanting to do this for a while, and so, he finally did. He is the best...even if he did not send me flowers, he is still the best!
Thank you Dawson for my beautiful flowers. You really made me feel special, appreciated and loved! You will always be my #1 Valentine! I love you!

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Livin' Life said...

I think he needs to talk to my Knight. He doesn't like sending flowers but I think that would be soo cool. Dawson did great for Valentines Day!!!!