Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Movin' and a Groovin'

"Why is he still awake? He is supposed to be taking his nap!"

Those were my thoughts this afternoon after I had put Smiles down for this second nap. He was not really crying, per se, but he was making noise - and this was going on for about 20ish minutes, which is not normal for him. So, I decided to go in and check on him...

What did I find?

Smiles was on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth! He has done that a few times on the floor, but his belly was completely off of the ground! Amazing! I am not sure if he was sort of "stuck" - because he had done a 90 degree turn and looked like he was about to hit his head into the rail of the crib while he was rocking. So, I checked his diaper, made sure there was not gas in his belly and layed him back in his crib...that was the last that I heard of him until he woke up!

It is so much fun to watch Smiles grow and develop. He is definitely becoming more mobile and I am realizing that I have to look around again and be sure that there are not too many things around that he could get into! While on the floor, he is rolling around more, moving around in a circle on his belly and while sitting up, he will lean forward so that he falls over (onto his face - I think that he has learned how to do it so that it does not hurt too much!), and he is also beginning to pull himself up! I feel like all of this happened in the last two weeks - well, at least an increase in everything! He is so adorable, I love him and I am enjoying watching him enjoy his new found freedom!

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