Saturday, September 6, 2008

One of Brady's Favorite Things

You know what I said to get Brady upstairs quickly?

I just told him "Smiles and Mommy are going up to read library books before nap, and if you want to join us, you can come up too."

Guess who came upstairs immediately? Oh yeah, Brady was there in "two point two" (as Dawson likes to say).

Brady LOVES books and he LOVES the library - he loves ABC carpet, the books, and the table that he can sit at and read his books. We spent a little longer at the library this week because Grammie came with us and entertained Smiles a little bit while Brady and I picked out books to read.

I love our weekly outing! We checked out 5 books for Brady this time, and I don't think that I will ever go over that limit because we usually read all five books when we sit down to read them - and that is about 2-3 times a day! :)

In the morning, can you guess what Brady does as soon as he gets out of bed? He goes over the the library bag in his room, and takes out a book to read!

I LOVE the fact that my son LOVES books and LOVES to be read to and he likes to "read" the books to me and with me. Sometimes when I read a book, I will pause and let him fill in the words to the story - it is fun when we read together.

Smiles is also enjoying books too - he has been actually looking at the pages and not just putting the book in his mouth...although that still does happen too!


Hands-Free Heart said...

This is very fun. My boys both love books, but we take out way more than 5, and we don't go every week. Happy reading!

The Gang's All Here! said...

So good for all of you - it's a great life skill and passion to develop in all of you.

Funny thing, last night I was prowling the house looking for a book to take my mind off of my "TO DO" list and I couldn't find one to hold my attention. RARE thing indeed :)

Classic MaMa said...

That is wonderful! Really, what a good reading-inspiring Mommy you are!!

Trish said...

How exciting! It is so fun to connect over books, and how great that he loves the library. Outings are always hit or miss for us. :)