Thursday, October 4, 2007

Any Day Now?

This morning, my sister and I were running a few errands together (I am car-less for a couple of days - another reason why I love my sis so much! She is there for me when I need a little helping hand!).

Anyway, I had to go to the post office to buy stamps and to make sure that I had the correct amount of postage on a card/photos that I was sending to Great Nanny. As I was paying for the postage, the clerk asked me the question:

"Any day now?"

I had not idea what she was talking about at first...then I realized that she was referring to my pregnant belly! I said to her, "Oh, are you referring to my due date? It is January 2nd."

She kind of looked stunned and said "January?"

I confirmed that I did in fact say January, smiled and went on my way.

I was so puzzled.

I go into my sister's car and told her what happened and said - "I don't think that I look that pregnant - do I?"

She of course said "No, I think that you look great"

I agree - I think that I look great too - maybe the clerk needs her eyes checked, or at least learn how to ask the question a little better - something like "When are you due?"


TCC said...

I think her comment should be on the "what not to say to a pregnant lady" list!

Thanks for all of your help today organizing the MIA closet. Gives me so much more peace and it was good not to have to do it alone. :)

Krazy Klingers said...

Well at least your pregnant! I was getting asked if I was pregnant and I wasn't. I thought to myself...I really need to go on a diet if everyone thinks I look pregnant. I still laugh about that. I guess the only thing you can do is laugh if off and not let it settle into your thoughts.

Oh by the way... You look GREAT!!!

Thrills said...

You do look great! And you don't look like you are due any day.

Hands-Free Heart said...

Not even close! You look wonderful.

Classic MaMa said...

Silly, silly clerk. You BARELY look pregnant. Golly, people should think before they speak. Silly, silly clerk.