Thursday, October 11, 2007

Walk For Life

This year, our family decided to join the Pregnancy Center where I volunteer, in their annual fundraiser - Walk For Life. We raised over $250 - and there is still one pledge that is being mailed to us. We were very excited to help the center in this way.

When we first arrived for the 2 mile walk, my big toe on my right foot was bothering me a little bit. My hunny prayed for me, and it did not bother me while I was walking! PTL!

Before the walk started, we registered and had some pancakes, sausage, juice and milk that was provided for us. We were given a balloon, and what it said on it was so perfect for our family, "I love babies. Born and unborn" - that was so cool! We had a couple of people take photos of our family - since we had a toddler with us and I am pregnant with our second, and the balloon described our family, etc. It was pretty cool.

When we sat down to eat, I started to get a little emotional. The whole event really had an impact on me. We are pro-life and we were doing something about it - not just talking about it or debating it. It is so important to me that we raise our children with strong Christian beliefs. It is also important to me that we don't just talk the talk but we also walk it too - I feel that this is one way that we are doing it. So, the pregnancy hormones probably got to me a little bit and my eyes filled with tears as I thought about the impact that this fundraiser will have on many people's lives - both the babies and the families too.

The walk was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next year - either with two strollers or a double one! I hope to see you there!


On Fire For Jesus said...

That is awesome! Your heart is so sweet.

Melissa said...

Very cool. You have such a mother's heart. So sweet and compassionate!

TCC said...

You know you have a double stroller coming - right? We just have to move it from my garage to yours! :) It is very easy to maneuver too.

I think you are pretty cool too!

Love you!