Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Been 10 Years...Really!?!

I cannot believe that I graduated from college 10 years ago...and then again, I can believe it! This past Saturday, Dawson, Brady and I ventured to Messiah College to celebrate my 10 year reunion. I did not know what it was going to be like - and let me tell you, I enjoyed myself so much!

Dawson was awesome and watched Brady while I was talking and catching up with my friends - some of whom I have not seen for 5 years!

I enjoyed seeing my friends and roommates - and it was fun to see everyone's kids! In 2006, 4 out of the 5 of us that roomed together for the last 2 years of college, had a child! That was pretty amazing. Now, three of us are prego again and due in 2008. I guess it is that time of our lives! I had some really great conversations and I found out that my friend - I will call her Sweet Pea - and her family have moved to the Boston area! Now when we go to visit the great grandparents, I will be able to see them also! Sweet Pea and family used to live in CA, so I am very excited that they have moved to the East Coast. I just have to say that she looks amazing!

It was also fun to see my friend (roommate sophomore year) "Gertie's" brand new baby - who was only one month old! Can I just tell you that Gertie looks amazing!!! I would LOVE to look like she does after one month of giving birth - you go girl!

I enjoyed seeing all of my friends/roomies - a few of them live in the general area, and now I have to plan to get together with them - hopefully before the baby is born, but we will have to see!

Another fun activity that we did was to visit the Oakes Museum at Messiah College. It is an awesome place to see "stuffed" animals - Brady LOVED it! They have full sized animals such as: giraffe, elephant, zebra, hippo, bears, goats, foxes, wildcats, and a squirrel, turtle, rabbit, and many more animals. I highly suggest visiting it!

The evening was topped off with a double date with my sister and Simms. Dawson was given tickets to a Hershey Bears hockey game. We had great seats, they won and we were on a double date - so much fun!


TCC said...

Definitely a good day for all of us!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Did you know my hubby graduated from Messiah.....but a long time ago! He was invited to a 20 year reunion recently. :)