Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Lah Loo"

Brady's vocabulary has BURST in the past month. He is saying all sorts of words and has actually said a few phrases too!

When he woke up from his nap last Saturday, I said to him, "Let's look for Daddy." I knew that he was outside cleaning the cars, but I figured that I would make it into a little game for Brady. So, I told Brady to say "Daddy, where are you?" I only expected him to say "Daddy!" To my surprise, he said, "Daddy, are oo?" I was shocked and so proud of him with his first "sentence."

Well, yesterday I was trying to teach him to say "I love you!" His cute response was "Lah loo." I loved it.

At dinner tonight, he was in his highchair and turned to me and we had this little conversation:

Brady: "Mommy."

Me: "Yes, Sweetie?"

Brady: (Smiling) "Lah loo!"

Me: (melting) "I love you too!"

It was so sweet - the first time that he said those words completely on his own - and he knows what is means. I was a "puddle."

He then turned to Daddy, and said the same thing to him - we just love our little guy to pieces!


Thrills said...

I am still waiting for Princess to say those words to me. We taught her sign language, but she still only does that when we prompt her.

Today, she took her pacifier out and said "tiss" (kiss) and that melted my heart.

Melissa said...

This brought back memories! I just got a lump in my throat when I remembered #1 saying this to me unprompted for the first was like time stood still and I started to cry with love and joy that can't be put into words!

As for #2 and #3 no clear memory stands out in my mind, but it is just as sweet to hear the words today!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Oh my goodness. That melted me and I'm not even his mommy! I love, love, love the tenderness of their hearts at this age. And as a word freak, I also love the explosion of language and the unique way each child navigates that experience. LadyBug used to say "ya yoo" and turned it into a song, singing it to total strangers in Giant :)

TCC said...

Oh my sweet Brady! You gave me a kiss for the very first time on my birthday...don't you dare wait until my next birthday to tell me "lau loo".

Who am I kidding even if you do, it won't change the fact that I LOVE YOU!!!

Classic MaMa said...

AWWWWW!! That is just so very cute!!