Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Sis!

Today, is my sister, TCC's, birthday! So, when you get a chance, pop on over here and wish her a happy birthday! She has a really cool post about things that she is celebrating today. She is such a thinker, and I love this about her.

So, here are things that I love about my sis (in no particular order):

1. She loves unconditionally - I have benefited from this many times! Especially when I was going through some tough times in my life and my walk with the Lord. She always loved me and never judged me.

2. She lives so close to me! I cannot imagine living far away from her!

3. We have a lot of similarities - we love the Lord, enjoy scrapping (although she is faster than I am at it!), we are involved in the same church, we desire to be organized, we love family, and there are many more things!

4. We are different: She analyzes things more that I do, she is older (hee hee hee!), I am taller, and she has more wave to her hair (which is opposite of when we were little - pregnancy did that to her! I have been praying for more wave in my hair, but have not seen it too much yet!)

5. I love her heart.

6. She has done a lot of things "first" - marriage and children - and I have been able to benefit from learning a lot from her!

7. My "little" (in height) sis has also passed on many clothes and other items for our sons and we have been so grateful for that. She is a blessing. She also passed on her maternity clothes too!

8. I am so thankful that she is my best friend! Not everyone has a best friend and a sister all wrapped into one person, and I am VERY THANKFUL for that!

I love you TCC - have a wonderful day! We will celebrate!

Love, Promises


Melissa said...

I hope in the next 20 years I read this kind of closeness and love in my daughters' blogs about each other!

The Gang's All Here! said...

oooooh! Melissa always says the nice, sweet thing that I wanna say :)

Love this list!

TCC said...

Thank you sis! I think I am going to call you 'promises' from now on if that is okay. :)

You are so special to me too!!!