Monday, October 22, 2007


This morning, when I went to get Brady out of his crib, I smelled that familiar poopy smell. He does not always have a poopy diaper waiting for me to change in the morning, but lately he has. Not a big deal - I change one or two of those a day...maybe three if I am "lucky"! Thankfully, Dawson will help out with these when he is home - he is the greatest!

Anyway, Brady was looking out the window, waiting for the big yellow bus to drive up, collect the kids, and drive off - the bus stop is across the street from us. He LOVES to watch the buses and trucks drive by! I noticed that he was looking at his fingers, so I took a look at them and noticed that he had a few hangnails. Then, he was looking at them again, so I took a better look at his fingers...and then...I saw it! There was a light coating of poop on his hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I quickly grabbed a wipe and wiped it off his hand! I could not believe it! Then, I realized that I better look in his crib - on his blankets - on his animals - oh no! Can you believe it - there was NO POOP on the blankets or on the animals (although I washed all of them anyway!). So, I kept looking, and then I saw it - a little on one of the slats of the crib, some on the bumper pad, and a good amount smeared on the crib sheet. Oh gross!

So, I had to strip the bed and get things into the laundry - I had a mountain of his clothes to wash anyway, so not too much of a big deal!

Then I started reflecting on what must have happened...Brady must have been aware that something had come out of his butt and into his diaper (will he be ready for potty training soon! That would be cool!), and so he wanted to see what it was, got poop on his hand (oh gross - but also feel bad for the little guy), and then wanted it off his hand! I am still so amazed and thankful that there was no poop on the rest of his body - how did he manage that! Also, it was not all over the place! I have heard horror poop stories, and by no means am I trying to compete - I really never want to! This is just fine for me! The only problem that I had was trying to get the smell of poop off of his hand. I washed and scrubbed his hands and fingers at least five times, but I would STILL SMELL the poop! I have no idea why! I think that it finally came off. I just do not understand why the smell was lingering - if any of you moms have a better way to get the smell off of a 21 month-old fingers, please pass that info along!

So, I realized that I need to change the type of PJ's that he is wearing - he will be put into a light sleeper that zips up (will he be able to unzip it?!?), or the top and bottom that snaps at the waist. Hopefully, that will help to prevent further poop incidents and stories to tell!


Melissa said...

Congratulations on your first (probably of many) poop story!

I think at this point it could be part of your imagination that his hand still smells like poop, but if Dawson notices, too, I'd try a looooooooong, lavender baby bath tonight.

Thrills said...

Oh, no! I can't believe he actually did it. I am so glad he didn't smear it everywhere for you. YUCK!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I agree with Melissa, especially in light of the fact that you are pregnant. Smell memories last a very long time and you just may be extra sensitive. Plus, there's the memory of how gross that is, to have poop on one's hand! Air the room out well, do the bath and shower for yourself and see if that helps. If not, bake up a batch of banana bread or vanilla cookies or something else soothing! :)

Classic MaMa said...

Oh no! I have heard many a friend tell me about their child's curiosity with poop. Woman I know, told me that her little girl used to find it and finger paint with it in her crib!! You are mor efortuante than that. Good idea to change the night clothes.

TCC said...

Yuch! That's all I have to say. Really gross.

Oh...and thank God that my boys never did that! :)

Brady - I still love you bunches and think you are the most adorable nephew ever. I think you got some of your Mama's curiosity / investigative nature.