Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ALL things are POSSIBLE!

What has been really hard for me is seeing someone (a particular situation) the way God sees them…immediately. What I am talking about is when someone says something hurtful, judgmental, or something that is just not nice. My flesh rises up and I get so annoyed with it and vent with my husband…as I am doing this, I know that venting is not going to make anything “better”, but I do it anyway!

Something like this happened the other day (and for anyone that is reading this, it is none of you – just so you know!). I was so frustrated, vented, and then I went to do the dishes.

As I was doing the dishes, I was praying – something that I should have done FIRST!!! I was asking the Lord to help me to see them the way that He does, and that I come to this knowledge immediately in the future, not 15 minutes later! So, I started to sing a song – not something that I intentionally chose – I actually did not realize that I was singing initially. I know that sounds weird, but that is what happened. As I was singing, I suddenly tuned into the words that God had placed into my heart. The words were:

Change my heart oh God,
Make it ever new.
Change my heart oh God,
May I be like You.

You are the potter, I am the clay
Melt me and mold me
This is what I pray.

This is the desire of my heart. That He would change my heart completely, so that when I get poked or prodded by something that does not sit well with me, that He would ooze out of me and not the frustration and anger that is sometimes produced.

I need to come to this place in this particular situation, and I feel that I will continue to be tested in this area until I can pass this test. So, I need to decrease so that He can increase in my life. He is a good God and I know that He will help me through this.

My verse for today:
I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me. Phil 4:13


TCC said...

Wow sis! I so appreciate the "picture" of a broken heart oozing love from the pain. Isn't that what Jesus did for us?

Not that I can stand to have anyone in my family being hurt...but I am so proud of how you and Dawson have continually placed yourselves (and all the "stuff") at the foot of our Father. Be encouraged!

And the song thing? Doesn't sound silly to me at all. There are many times when I am singing before I realize it.

Classic MaMa said...

It is very true. I, in my "must have justice" way have often had to go to the Father, humbly, and thank Him for the mercy He has shown me on many occasions when I should have received justice. To see others the way He sees them, that is one step closer to being like Him and not us. I applaud you for dealing wiht all situations with grace. You and Dawson are doing an excellent job.