Saturday, September 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

There are a few things that I have been meaning to write about, but time just seems to get away these days! So, not in any particular order (except what come to my brain) - I will share some thoughts with you!

1. Apple Picking: About 2 weeks ago, our family went apple picking with Nanny and Grandpa - we had a great time! The trees were low enough so Brady could pick the apples and place them in the bag. We picked Gala and Cortland apples. We plan to go again in the next week or so - we will see how our schedule is!

2. Apple Recipes made so far:

Apple Goodie - I made one large apple goodie with some of the apples - it is basically apple crisp, but SO good...I guess that is how it got its name! I will have to share the recipe with you soon...I will have to make another one soon too!

I have also made applesauce and apple butter with the rest of the gala apples. We froze about 12 cups of apple sauce. I made the apple butter for the first time ever and used my crock pot...I am hoping that it is delicious! I would LOVE to get an apple butter recipe from someone that I know - so, if you fit into this category, I would love you to give it to me! :)

I am planning on making more applesauce soon.

I don't have other plans for the apples yet - I am not a big cake lover - I will eat it (as long as it is not chocolate! Although, once in a while, I will taste a chocolate cake to see if I suddenly like it, and I will have to tell you that the only person that has made a type of chocolate cake that I have liked is my friend, Jane - I will have to tell you more about her in another post! I love her to pieces! You can read a little about her here). I am thinking about caramel dipped apples, maybe something else in the crockpot - we will see

3. We went to Wegman's today for the first time. We got to see the crack open a huge 90 pound wheel of Parmesan cheese - we were thinking of buying some, but at $18.99/pound, we decided...maybe another time! :) We enjoyed the few samples that were offered - the cheese, an apple, and a cup of coffee. We also purchased a few items and got a few free items with our coupons that they sent in the mail. One of the things that we noticed was that they had a huge selection of Asian ingredients that we usually have to go to an Asian store to purchase. We were happy about that, but will probably try to support the little store (which is on Dawson's way home from work) - the prices are a little lower than Wegman's too, but Wegman's is not that bad. We had fun, but most of our shopping will be done at Giant - it is closer to us.

Oh, and we bought some deli meat there - and I cannot stand that they have it presliced!!! It gets all clumped up and that really annoys me when I am trying to flatten it out to place in my Tupperware container! I really prefer it freshly sliced!

4. Dawson and I are going on a date tomorrow! Want to guess where we are going? Here are a few hints: my favorite is #24, my sister's favorite is #48, and it is definitely fast paced. OK - those are all of the hints for now, otherwise I might just give it away!!! :)

5. I was reminded the other day that I am so blessed to have Dawson as my husband and I should never take it for granted.

6. I have been doing really well at planning dinner in advance, so that I am not stressed out on the day of the dinner. I have been writing it in my planner, and it has been great. It has been showing me how many different dinners need to be planned per week, and still have a day for leftovers. I have definitely felt success in this area - I just need to get planning for next week! Today and tomorrow are covered! So, I will start with Monday.

7. Scrapbooking - I really need to get back into doing this again!!! It is SO hard for me to do this when Brady is awake - I tried about one week ago at my sister's house. The cute little guy wanted to sit on my lap - how could I deny him! :) Seriously, he wants to see what mommy is doing, I can't blame him - I am still like that when someone is doing something "cool".

8. Baby Announcements - I am thinking about making them myself! I think that I mentioned this in another post, but it is still on the brain. I am having a stamping party at my house (and you are all invited!) soon and I am excited to get some more of the materials that I will need to make them!

9. I will be involved with Walk For Life - to support the pregnancy center that I am volunteering in. If you would like more info on this - let me know!

OK, that is a lot, and I have to go and get some other things done now! Have a great day!


Classic MaMa said...

Jane can make anything taste good.

I would like more info on the walk for life. COuld you e-mail me?

Lets get together soon and get your announcement materials. Maybe this week? :)

Classic MaMa said...

Me again. :) I was reading a blog and came across an apple butter plan for you:

The Gang's All Here! said...

Thanks for the apple pics - I forgot to say that earlier! Can't believe how big "Brady"!! It just occurred to me that I'm NEVER going to remember all these kids' names since we all use "blog" names :)

Also, I haven't forgotten your earlier request about organization. I'm behind in a lot of that stuff, having not adjusted fully to a new school year routine - LOTS going on here! I will get to it, I promise!

And I'm honored that you asked!

TCC said...

I'm looking forward to apple picking with my boys too. Might be requesting some of your recipes...:) week maybe? Check your calender.

Go you with the meal planning!