Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finishing Up Our Vacation

Update! I was informed that I actually took this photo out the back window (However, Dawson did take some photos while driving - it is not too hard to do that with a digital and not a lot of traffic at that point in our journey!).

Some other funny things that I forgot...Brady called the beach a "pool" because his Daddy had told him earlier that day that we were going to the beach which was like a pool...he was calling seaweed beans - not sure why on that! Probably other things that I left out - but we had a great time, and Brady did enjoy his very own ice cream cup when we went out to ice cream!

Where was I in my telling of our vacation...oh, yes - so after leaving my Aunt and Uncle's house in Vermont (the photo above was taken by Dawson as he was driving - I was in the back seat with Brady at that moment), we headed back to G.Nanny's house to pick up our luggage that we had to leave there. We do not have a minivan yet, and there was no way that we would have been able to keep all of our luggage in the trunk in addition to her luggage and adding another body in the car. We thought of this in advance, so Dawson and I shared two suitcases - one for the first leg of the journey and one for the second part of the journey. We also did this with Brady's things too - he had two little suitcases. We also left his umbrella stroller and the baby gate at G.Nanny's house.

Once we were loaded up, we headed towards Cape Cod, where Dawson's other Gramma lives - I will refer to her as G.Gramma. We arrived on Tuesday evening and we were staying there until Friday morning! That was definitely a nice break from all of the driving that we were doing - well, Dawson did all of the driving.

It is always fun to visit G.Gramma on the Cape. One year, before Brady, Dawson and I traveled around the Cape and visited all of the lighthouses (there is the answer to the other clue). This year we did not visit the lighthouses, but we did go to the beach, which was a lot of fun. Brady LOVED the beach. As soon as we got there, he headed straight for the water - no fear! He was not changed into his swimmy diaper or swimming trunks, so I had to bring him back to the towel to do that! This was his first time to a beach - he has been in pools, but not the beach yet. Things that Brady enjoyed about the beach (photo above is of the beach that we were at):
1. The water (he called it "pool") - splashing and walking in it.
2. Seaweed - he enjoyed picking it up and flinging it.
3. Sand - digging with his shovel and putting it in his bucket, hiding his hand in it, and building a little castle
4. Everything about the experience - he cried when we were leaving, but after an hour and a half, it was time to go - enough sun for one day and close to nap time

While on the Cape, we also saw Dawson's Aunt, ate some delicious homemade ice cream, and just had a nice time relaxing.

On Friday, we headed to Dawson's friend's house (roommate from college). His friend, Ulysses, married his wife the year before we were married and they had their first little baby boy in May of this year. It was fun to visit with them and meet their little baby boy - we always have a great time together and wish that we lived closer (they live in CT). They have two cats, and Brady was enjoying chasing them around the house. We stayed at their house until Sunday. We had fun talking, playing games, the guys played frisbee and we girls made some cards - stamping. Ulysses' wife made the birth announcements for their child - stamping and such. I loved them, and have decided that I am going to attempt to make mine too - she is so awesome and let me borrow her stamp set! Now I am deciding what material I need to make the announcements (we made two while we were together - they are so cute!).

So, on Sunday we headed to our home, and on the way home my parents called us and invited us to eat dinner at their house - that was SOOOOOOO awesome of them to do that! As soon as we got home, we unpacked all of our bags, brought the suitcases downstairs to the basement, and headed over to my parents for a delicious dinner.

On Monday, we were exhausted and glad to go to my sister's house to hang out and relax with family. It is always nice to return home one day early so that Dawson has a day to recoup a little before going back to work. So, here we are. Back at home. Getting into some routines again! I love vacation, but it is great to be home!


Thrills said...

I love the Cape. We went with OnFire and her husband (before kids). Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

I think it's funny that Brady called the ocean "pool". Princess called it a "pool" when we were there this year.

Dawson said...

Clarification to the story. The first picture in the story was actually taken by promises out the back window. I did take pictures from the driver seat. One of my picture was a "Moose Crossing" sign while driving. Don't see any of those down here.

Classic MaMa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. You two are so organized (luggage on first and second leg of the journey).

I loved hearing about Brady's fun to the beach. I remember Scarlett's first trip. She was a bit skeptical at first, but also enjoyed fliging sticky seaweed.

The Gang's All Here! said...

Oh, I just love New England! But I'm impressed at Brady's hearty love of the beach - after being spoiled by our inground pool (temps in mid 80's), there's no way I (or my gang!) would enjoy the brisk temps of the Cape.

Great memories for all of you, glad you had a great time!