Saturday, September 15, 2007

My "Little" Boy

My little boy is growing up! Today we had fun going to Jeter's game. Jeter played really well, and you can read more about his first and second games, here. Brady had so much fun playing with Barber and also cheering for Jeter and the team - he would clap and say "Yea! Yea! Yea!". We all had a great time!

Later today, we decided to have a little picnic, but it was kind of chilly, so we decided to picnic at my parents in their family room - they have a lot of floor space there and some toys too. So, while Dawson and I were eating, Brady was playing with toys for the most part. He brought over a toy sorter that Tupperware makes - with the basic shapes: circle, triangle, square and star, but it also had "harder" shapes like: trapezoid, oval, pentagon, hexagon and others. Usually, I have helped him find the place where to put the shape, tell him what the shape is and then guide him with placing the shape in the correct spot. Today, he blew my mind - he was turning the sorter and finding the correct spot to place the shape in and then doing it! He is only 20 months! He amazes me! Dawson and I were in awe of our son today. He was also doing that his his puzzles that we gave him a few months ago. Truly amazing!

Another thing that he did today was to climb up onto the piano bench (at Grammie and Poppy's)all by himself - and he got into the correct sitting position too! I have never seen him do that before. At first, I was a little concerned and stood there to make sure that he would not fall off and hurt himself, but he was able to do it with no problem. Then he proceeded to "play" the piano. He LOVES the piano, guitar and drums - it will be fun to see what musical talents that God has placed in him. He loves to dance and "sing" too!

God is so good. It is so much fun to watch Brady grow up and develop. It is amazing how much they change in each year of their lives, and we are having fun watching his life unfold!


Thrills said...

I remember the day that Princess started just doing things like that. I thought "What happened to my little girl." It is amazing that just one day it happens. From now on, he will probably amaze you with something new each day. Princess' vocabulary is what is blowing me away right now. Every day she says something new.

TCC said...

We love watching him grow up too. So much fun!