Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Car Color

You Should Drive a Blue Car

You're the type of driver who isn't hung up on the what car you drive.
You don't need a flashy car to show off your wealth or style.
Instead, you go for value and reliability. You're quite practical.
You're a great driver, but you don't show off. Part of your skill is not standing out on the road.
I figured that I would take this little quiz - got the idea from my sis, TCC. I like the color blue, but growing up (from the time that I was around 6), my parents had all blue cars. The first car that I had was a 1989 Hyundai Excel GLS. So, when it was time for me to get a new car, I did not want to buy a blue car, I wanted silver, but then realized that EVERYONE and their mother had a silver car, in 2000. So, I decided on a black KIA Spectra, and husband bought a 2000 Dodge Intrepid, cinnamon color. When we got married, we switched cars because he had a longer commute and the KIA got better gas mileage.
We would really like to buy a new/used car within the next year - as the Lord provides! I would be fine with a dark navy blue color, but I don't know about other blue colors...however, when you buy a used car, you can't always decide on the color! So, we will see what the next color will be!

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Melissa said...

The first brand new car I ever bought the fall after I graduated was a 1988 Hyundai Excel and I can still remember my grandfather taking me to the car lot and I was thrilled that I could afford a brand new car (I was waitressing at the time!). Mine was beige and had a sunroof!