Friday, September 28, 2007

Start Your Engines!

So, did you guess where we were for our date on Sunday? Is it Friday already???!!!

Let's see - during our date, we were able to see my favorite person there #24 (well, maybe he is not exactly #24, but it is identified with him), we did not get sunburned (thanks to spf 50), my ankles got swollen because of the heat (but my hunny let me put my feet up on him during part of the ride home), and we had to climb about 13 stories to get to our seats (that is what someone said, and I truly believe him!) - and those are the better seats. Well, here is a photo that I took during an interview that I saw of Jeff Gordon!
My Husband was given tickets to the NASCAR race at Dover Downs, DE for last Sunday's race! Besides having to get up at 3am so that we could definitely be leaving our driveway at 4am, so that we could catch the coach bus at 6am - it was a great day! Brady slept over at my sister's house and then spent the next day with Grammie and Poppy and my aunt and uncle (who were visiting from Long Island.

Let me tell you...we were not just given tickets...what was also included in our day was: continental breakfast, snacks and lunch (pre-race), scanners - so that we could hear the race and guard our ears (which was really cool), programs, a hat (with the company logo on it), soft-sided coolers, ticket holders, a track side tour before the race - we were actually standing on the track - and really nice people to spend the day with!

My two favorite drivers are Jeff Gordon (#24) and Jimmy Johnson (#48). Unfortunately, neither of them won...but Carl Edwards did win, who seems like a nice guy too. He stands on the door area of his car and does a back flip when he wins a race - that is pretty cool. We had great seats - we were on turn 4 and were able to see some of the pits really well - below is a photo of Jeff Gordon's.

So, you did not know that I was a NASCAR fan? Well, I am not a crazy one, but I enjoy many sports, and this is one that was introduced to me a few years ago by my BIL, Simms. It is fun to watch now and then - it is even more fun to be there in person!

We had a great time, but it took me until Thursday of this week to get caught up on my sleep! Would I go again - you bet! Hopefully, I would not be as pregnant, and so the stair climbing would not have been so intense and tiring - but I made it! Our next door neighbors have gone to races before and they gave us a lot of good tips for our trip. She said that I would probably not have to go to the bathroom during the race because of all of the sweating that we would be doing...I guess she did not know the power of the pregnant woman's bladder (although she has had 2 kids!). During the race, I had to excuse myself at least 3 times - thankfully, I did not have to go all the way down to the bottom of the stands - I don't know if I could have handled that! I probably would have been spending all of my time going up and down the stairs instead of watching the race! :)


TCC said...

Your pics look great! I am looking forward to seeing the rest.

On Fire For Jesus said...

This makes me laugh. Did you know that we are in the "heartland" of NASCAR country. Lowes Motor Speedway is in spitting distance from CJ's school. He actually parks cars for the races, as a side job.

So, if you and Dawson ever feel like taking a trip down to NC to see one of the big races down here... you have a free place to stay!

I am really not a big fan of NASCAR. But I will admit that when it is going on, you can literally feel the hype in the air. It's electric!!! I'm tellin ya!!!