Sunday, September 9, 2007

It Made Me Jump!

A funny thing happened the other day...Brady and I had returned from our walk, and we were spending time in the front yard - which has a lot of shade - which I love! I have been so hot during this pregnancy - much more than my first one!

Well, the recycling truck was coming up our street. Brady LOVES watching the garbage collecting trucks go by and when we are inside, he will run to the window and watch them drive up and throw our trash into their truck. Well, this was a special "treat" - we were already outside while these men were working! So, we sat and then stood watching the truck approaching. Then Brady wanted me to pick him up while we watched - I think that he felt a little more secure in my arms as this really loud truck approached. The two workers smiled at us and we waved, and THEN when they were RIGHT IN FRONT OF US...they HONKED their HORN REALLY LOUDLY!!!! Brady jumped and so did I!!! It was so loud, it scared us, but then we laughed - well, I did...and I think that those two men did also!

Do you want to know what the really "funny" thing was...they drove right past our recycling can! They did not empty it, and they were too far down the road and the truck was making too much noise for me to try and get their attention!

Maybe they felt that they did enough for us by honking the horn!

I honestly just had to laugh about the situation, and was thankful that it was only the recycling can and that it was not even half full. So, maybe next time, I will stand by the can so that they will not miss it!

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