Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He is SO MY son!

Today, when Brady and I were returning from running errands, I looked back at him and he reminded me of something that I did when I was a little girl.

When I was a little girl, I remember wearing a pair of tights (he had socks on!), and I was wondering what would happen if I pulled on the little "snag" that had formed on my tights. So, I proceeded to pull on that little snag - I was conducting an experiment, you see...I wonder what my hypothesis was? "If I pull on the little snag, then..." Anyway, as I pulled on that little snag, all of a sudden a HUGE hole appeared in my tights! So, I had to go and show my mommy what had suddenly happened! I guess I needed a new pair of tights! (and that was not the only time that I did that - I guess that I wanted to make my hypothesis into a theory, so I needed to test it quite a few times!).

Well, you know how there is some elastic at the top of a sock? Well, Brady must have found that it was a little loose (or something, not really sure how it started), and when I looked back at him, he was tugging on it and it was stretched at least a few inches from the rest of his sock! It made me chuckle when I saw him doing this and I said out loud, "You are SO MY son!"

It is funny how your kids end up doing things that you once did too. The socks are not ruined (yet), and I am hoping that he does not do that to all of his socks (these were socks from Painting Red Rhinos - I love their socks, and I would like for #2 to be able to wear them too)! However, I do enjoy his curiosity!


Dawson said...

He is a curious one:)

TCC said...

And this is why I know you are Barber's Aunt! :)