Monday, December 29, 2008

The House is SO Quiet!

At around 7:00AM on Sunday morning, our good friends, Ulysses and his wife, Her Stampiness, and their two cute little kids arrived on our front porch! They drove all night from good ol' Georgia, and we were their layover point!

We had a lot of fun together! Ulysses and Dawson went to college together, and were friends ever since. Besides the four adults, there were four kids all under the age of three! There was cute little E - she is 6 months old, her brother C is 19 months old, and then we have Smiles who is almost 12 months old, and Brady who is a few days shy of being 3. They had so much fun together! I think that this was the first time that all four of them interacted with each other in some way, and it was so cute!

Nap time went well for all the kids except Brady - there was not room available for him to nap, so we just kept him up and he ran an errand with me (I think that he made up for the lost nap today - he had a solid 3 hour nap today, and I had to actually wake him up!). Our friends were also able to get a little nap in while the kids were napping, which was great because they left for CT this morning around 10:30ish!

We finally got all of the kids down for the night (by 8pm!) - Brady slept in our room, Smiles in his room, C slept in Brady's room, and E and her parents slept in our family room. Overall, they went down fine. We decided to not play any board games, but we did stay up talking until about midnight. Little E could hear us talking and kept waking up, so we all finally decided to hit the sack!

We usually get to see them at least two times per year, but this year it was actually three times! We wish that we lived closer to them, but we know that it is not going to happen. So, we enjoy all of the times that we see them throughout the year, and we may try to visit each other a little more often with a long weekend here and there. We are so thankful for our friendship with this family.

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