Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Somebody Loves Me Too!

Classic Mama tagged me for this meme. Thanks Classic Mama - you are a great friend and I love your blog too! :)

Where is your cell phone? I don't have one!
Where is your significant other? He is watching part of the British version of The Chronicles of Narnia. I was watching it too, but I need to go to bed (and wanted to write this meme)
Your hair color? brown
Your mother? brown with blonde highlights
Your father? He has brown hair with a lot of white now!
Your favorite thing? This is a hard one - not so sure. A shower with hot water...'cause I am about to take one
Your dream last night? Ok, this was kind of strange - and it might be due to reading a blog about adoption. Anyway, I had a dream that "my" daughter was going to be born, but I was not the one giving birth to the girl - another woman was, and I was going to adopt her. I did not have a name for her, so the birth mother said that the name that she thought of for the girl was "Irea" - or something like that. I smiled and said, "oh" - but on the inside, I knew that I was not going to name her that because it sounded too much like urea - which is another name for urine. Not sure of the significance of the dream at this point in time.
Your dream/goal? To remain debt free, grow old with my husband, and raise mighty men of God (since I only have boys)
The room you’re in? the living room/computer room
Your hobby? right now, I would have to say bargain shopping/stretching our money! I do want to get back into scrapbooking though!
Your fear? That something bad would happen to the kids, my husband or anyone in my family - so, I give those fears to the Lord.
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Maybe in a larger house, but I really like the town that I am in! :)
Where were you last night? Eating Thai food with friends.
What you’re not? short
One of your wish-list items? To learn what my style in decor is
Where you grew up? Long Island, NY
The last thing you did? watched the British version of Prince Caspian with Dawson - I thought that I picked out the new version, but we quickly realized that it was not. It was still good to watch and next time, I will get the correct one!
What are you wearing? Brown sweats and a blue sweatshirt
Your TV? It is currently on - Dawson is watching the next movie/book of Narnia
Your pet? None - I guess an occasional spider...but they do not last too long!
Your computer? PC/Dell
Your mood? Tired and ready for bed
Missing someone? yes - I wish that we lived closer to Dawson's Nanny
Your car? Toyota Sienna and KIA Spectra
Something you’re not wearing? Makeup
Favorite store? CVS - ha! Just kidding, sort of. I don't do too much shopping these days, so I really do not have a favorite store at the moment. CVS just gives me a lot of great deals, but it is not really my favorite
Your summer? Wonderful - we always do a New England trip to visit family and friends. I also look forward to going away for a week at some resort as a family next summer!
Love someone? Many, many people, but my #1 person is my hunny! He is so sweet!
Your favorite color? Green and purple
When is the last time you laughed? Today when Brady told Dawson and me what the librarian said and what his reply was - I just laughed again as I typed this out!
Last time you cried? On Saturday, when Michael (the angel) defeated the enemy in a show that we went to (more on that soon - I just have not had a chance to blog about it yet!) - I think that it was all of the emotions that were going on at that moment...more later
Ok, so I am going to tag a few people who I enjoy reading their blog and I think that they read mine too:
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I look forward to reading your answers...if you decide to do it! :)


Livin' Life said...

I liked reading your meme. I think you may have had some prophetic dream there about your daughter. Really, there is some significance in all of it. Wow! Maybe soon you will have to modify your dream of raising Godly men to raising Godly men and a little lady. :)

Great Stuff.

This Journey of Mine said...

Cool! Thanks for including me. I shall right mine up immediately. Liked reading your answers!