Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Do You Think About Crocs?

For many months now, my foot hurts whenever I walk. Whether I am exercising (which has taken a back burner), shopping or just walking around the house, I have had pain in my foot. I did not go to see him sooner, because I was nursing and did not think that he could really so anything for me. Well, the pain was so constant, that after talking with my "regular" physician, I decided to go and see my podiatrist - the last time I was there was 2 years ago with different foot pain.

They took X-rays and really did not see any reason shy my foot is hurting (on the bottom of my foot, south of my big toe). It could be bunion related, but I only have a slight bunion. He gave me a shot of cortisone, and told me to come back in three weeks...which is in about a week and a half away. Let me just tell you that the cortisone did not fee very good at first, the pain increased! The next day, my foot was feeling a lot better, but now it is starting to hurt again. So, we will see what he says come January 5th.

Anyway, one thing that he suggested was that I buy a pair of crocs to wear around the house. I have never owned a pair of crocs, so my question to you is:

1. Do you own a pair of crocs (or have you ever owned a pair)?

2. What do you think about your pair of crocs...and what type do you own?

3. Where do you suggest that I look to buy a pair of crocs?

Thank you for your input! He told me that they are soft and have some good cushion support in there. I also have arches that need support - so...

4. Do you think that they provide good support in the arch area!

Thanks again!


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Thrills said...

Dave has a pair of the regular crocs. He LOVES them! We got his at Boscov's.

My mom has several different designs and loves all of them.

For the regular crocs, you are going to spend about $30. I have never seen them on sale and I think they are always an exclusion on coupons.