Monday, December 1, 2008

Review: Frebreze Fabric Refresher

I was asked to do a review about the new and improved Febreze Fabric Refresher. This is what is new about the formula:

* Now, it eliminates odors on fabrics and in the air
* New, fine mist spray allows for even application, and the new pump design reduces leaking, nozzle sticking and that "quacking" sound
* Formula provides longer-lasting freshness – up two days of freshening power

The basic directions for using the Fabric Refresher are: spray it evenly on the fabric until it becomes slightly damp. The molecules will penetrate into the fabric and as it dries, the odor is cleaned away and a fresh scent is left in its place.

I was sent the Lavender Vanilla & Comfort scent to review. I decided to spray it on a recliner that is a second hand item. It does not have an odor to it, but I wanted to see how the fabric would be refreshed. I followed the directions, and I have to say that the scent lasted just about 2 full days. The only thing that I did not like about it was that when I sat in the chair (after it was dry), and then got up, I felt that the scent was now on my clothes! So, I suppose that I was refreshed too! The scent did not last too long on me, but I still did not like that it happened. Maybe I needed to wait one full day (or overnight) before I sat in the chair. It was easy to use the trigger and I did not hear the "quacking" noise that some spray bottles make. I also did not notice any significant leakage on my hand, so it appears that the improvements that were made to the bottle really does work!

It also claims to eliminate odors in the air so, I decided to try it out on our garbage can. I had thrown some onion remains into our kitchen trash can and it stank pretty bad. So, before I was able to take the trash out, I decided to spray it with the Febreze. I was pleasantly surprised. The smell was taken away! However, when I went to take out the garbage a little later on, I did notice a hint of onion smell. I sprayed the can after the trash was removed from it, and the can no longer had any onion odor to it. So it did refresh the air and my garbage can too!

The scents that it comes in are: Meadows & Rain, Linen & Sky, Lavender Vanilla & Comfort, Citrus & Light, and Spring & Renewal. The Lavender & Vanilla scent was pretty, but a little too floral for me.

My overall opinion is that I do like the Febreze Fabric Refresher. I believe that it does what it claims to do. I would probably try one of the other scents in the future and with so many to choose from, I am sure that one of them would jive with me.

I have more product reviews coming your way and a contest too! Stay tuned!

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