Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Noah's Ark Craft

This was an "easy" craft to do. When Brady and I went to the craft store, I heard him say, "Can we get this, Mommy?" When I turned around to see what he had in his hand, I saw a "tub" of foam stickers - the theme was Noah's Ark. He LOVES the story of Noah's ark - he loves to look at pictures of animals and name them and learn all about them, so I think that is one reason why he loves the story so much!

Obviously I said yes - they were on sale, so why not! So, after we put a cotton ball on our "Christmas Countdown" lamb, he asked if he could play with the Noah's ark animals. The first day that I got them out, he dumped all of them out and then he started to separate them according to what type of animal (or ark or Noah) it was. I was thinking that we would do something else with them, but then he piled them into the center and we cleaned up.

Here is a photo of Brady focusing on separating the animals.

The next day that we got the foam stickers out, I decided that we would do a simple project with them. I got out a piece of construction paper, and then I gathered one type of animal and let him choose the color that he wanted for his "craft" - then, I found the match and gave it to him. I could have let him find the match...but we can do that another time! So, while I was searching for the next animal for Brady to pick out, he was placing the previous sticker on the page.

Here is a photo of his masterpiece!

After Brady was done with placing the stickers on the paper, I asked him to tell me the story of Noah's ark - as he started to tell me his version, I started to write down what he was saying as fast as I could. I wrote down the first two versions and then I caught one on video.

Here is Version #1 that he told me:

The earth flooded on the water,

and then the animals floated on the ark.

It rained for...45 months,

and the sun came out, and the animals came out too,

and Noah, and so did the doves, and the kangaroos, and the hippos, and the giraffes, and the elephants, and (he continued to name all of the animals in the project)

and the rainbows and the clouds.

Version #2

The animals gathered and went inside the ark,
And it rained and rained,
And the sun came out
The End!
This was a fun and "easy" craft, and I know that he will want to do it again! There are so many great things about doing crafts with my son - I love to see him have fun, I enjoy spending time with him, it is great to watch his creativity and concentration flourish, and he beams with joy and a sense of accomplishment when he completes a craft.
There are so many more crafts that I want to complete with Brady - there are so many great ideas out there, and I will try to post as many of them as I can! I would love to continue to see what you are doing with your kids!

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