Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No, My Name is "Brady"

I did not want to bring Smiles out to a public place yet, since he just had surgery on Monday, so my Mom brought Brady to the library today. She shared this little story with me, so I decided to pass it on to you!

When they arrived at the library, Brady was unpacking/returning the books and DVDs that were due. As he does this, he likes to tell the librarian the names of the books and DVDs that he is returning - it is really cute. The librarian thinks that he is absolutely adorable! (I agree!).

Anyway, while he was returning his books today, the librarian asked,

"Can I call you ___ (it is a common nickname for his real name)?"

Without stopping what he was doing, Brady responded,

"No, my name is 'Brady' " :)

That's my boy! He was not rude about it - just stated what his full name is, and that is what he is called. That made me smile! :)

I love his full name and that is what we call him right now. If he wants to shorten it when he gets older, that is his choice, but for now, we will continue to call him by his full name! :)

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