Friday, December 5, 2008

A Trip To The Dentist

Yesterday, I had my teeth cleaning appointment. My mom was scheduled to watch the boys, but I decided that I wanted to take Brady with me. He is almost three, and I think that he is ready to get his first check up (when I get my next one done in 6 months). So, I thought that it would be good for Brady to see what a dentist appt. would be like. He is well behaved, so I really was not worried about any sort of misbehaviour, but I would have never imagined what it really was like (well, part of it).

Brady was really well behaved. He stood by my chair and watched the dental hygienist clean my teeth, and then he put his head on my arm and hugged me - so cute! When I was telling him to be careful, etc., the hygienist said to Brady, "You could sit on Mom's lap if you want to, you just can't bounce."

I was thinking, "ok, we will see what this is like!"

So, Brady climbed up onto the chair, and he smiled at me, and then he laid down on my legs and hugged me! It was so cute! He stayed like this most of the time! Of course, he would sit up and watch what was going on - but I have to say that it was one of the most fun times that I had at the dentist! I loved those snuggles and hugs that Brady was giving to me!

After I was finished, Brady declined his own ride in the chair, but he was excited when they gave a new Diego toothbrush to him!

So now, I am praying that the appt. in June will go well - and that Brady will be excited to get his own teeth cleaned! I think that I will have to try and find a fun book and video about a trip to the dentist before then...any suggestions?

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