Thursday, July 5, 2007

Barbeque Meatloaf

This past Monday, I decided that I wanted to make meatloaf. I usually make a meatloaf that has rice, salsa and diced peppers and onions in it, but I was really lacking in some of the main ingredients - such as the salsa and peppers. So, I decided to go to and look up a recipe.

My sister made a really delicious barbeque meatloaf in the crockpot a month or so ago, but I did not have that much time to get dinner together, but I decided that I would look up a recipe for barbeque meatloaf, and I found a delicious one by Paula Dean.

The recipe was rated with 5 stars (those are the ones to try!), but I still went briefly through the reviews. The only thing that I did to tweak the recipe was to add only 1 tsp of salt rather than 1 and 1/2 tsp, I used ground turkey (of course), and I did not add the water to the gravy. I do have to say that it initially looks like a LOT of sauce, but when you baste the meatloaf (I used a spoon to do this, not a brush - the brush was taking the sauce off of the loaf), it does not leave a lot left in the end.

So, if you are looking for a new recipe, I recommend this one! It is easy to make, and delicious too!


Tracy W said...

Thanks - it looks delish! I've gotten tired of my old stand-by, even though it gets great reviews from The Boss. But if I made every dish, the exact same way every time I made it, he'd be totally cool with that. He's soooo easy to please when cooking!

I have a couple other variations that I might post - good idea for a blog post in the future. My favorite two are my Italian Meatloaf and Taco Meatloaf. YUMMO, as Rachael Ray says :)

Gonna try this from you next week - our local Acme had BBQ sauce on sale, 10 for 10. And I've got a ton of ground turkey breast in the freezer. Thanks again!

Promises Fulfilled said...

You will have to tell me what your family thinks, and I will look forward to checking out your recipes!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Another wonderful recipe! I'm doing well today collecting recipes from all over Blogland. Thanks for this one.

If you have time, please do blog on over to my page at and check out a fabulous contest called "Spotlight the Yough."

Have a great weekend.

Anne Bradshaw said...

Sorry! That should read "Youth"