Monday, July 9, 2007

Update on the Pregnancy

I have had a few people that have asked me how I am doing with the pregnancy, so I decided to write a little post on it:

I often "forget" that I am prego - PTL!!! Which means that I am feeling great most of the time! The only thing that reminds me that I am prego is that my clothes are no longer fitting me, sometimes my abdomen is a little achy, and I get tired more easily. Last night, I had a little bit of a headache, so I laid down at about 7pm, and I did not get out of bed until 7am - thank you hunny for taking care of Brady! :)

I am almost 15 weeks - done with my first trimester! When I think about that, I feel like "Oh, my goodness! There are so many things that I need to get done before the baby arrives!" - such as painting the 2 kids bedrooms - still trying to decide on a theme or something like that! That project will get done by the end of the summer - that is the goal that I am making for myself right now (although I will not be doing the painting...I will be doing a lot of the choosing of items!)

We have not even thought of a name for the baby yet. Part of me is going to wait until the ultrasound to start thinking about it - why choose a boy and girl name. However, I should be spending some time in prayer about it. The Lord did give me Brady's name before we knew that we were having a boy.

Thank you for your continued prayer for my health, the health of the baby, and that the delivery will go well and speedy. Last time, I injured my tailbone pretty badly - that took a long time to heal, and I really do not want to go through that again. I would like to bounce back very quickly from the delivery. You would have never known that my sister had just given birth 2 days after she had Barber, and that is what I would like to experience too. I would like to have not problem sitting down! So, I lift that prayer up to the Lord, and would appreciate your prayers too!


Classic MaMa said...

I hear you and will pray! This is going to be an easy one.

Thrills said...

I am so glad that you are feeling great. I will definitely be praying for a speedy recovery - as well as an easy labor and delivery.

Promises Fulfilled said...

Thank you for your prayers!