Friday, July 20, 2007

Heart Check

Yesterday, after dinner, we went outside to play before Brady went to bed. We were in the backyard, and the weeds were staring at me, so I decided that I was ready to do more weeding. So, I started to weed while Dawson and Brady were playing outside.

I was happy to be outside again, enjoying God's creation, and helping to make our flower beds look a little nicer. As I was pulling out the weeds, I noticed that some were really easy to pull out, some required a little tug, and others required me to use my little digger tool. Even with using the digger tool, I was not successful in getting to the full root of some of the weeds. So, they might be back again. Eventually, I will get those weeds out of the garden too!

As I was working in our flower gardens, I was reminded of a luncheon that I went to. A godly woman told us a story about when she was growing up. Her family had a large garden, and when she would weed with her dad, he took the opportunity to ask her how her heart was, and if there were any "weeds" that needed to be "pulled." As I was weeding and thinking about this story, I thought about offenses that we hold onto. It is much easier to give them to the Lord right away, rather than allowing them to get rooted into us - and make our hearts start to take on an "ugly" look. So, while I was out there, my Father was asking me that same question, "How is your heart?" It was a great time spending out in nature with my Father and checking out my heart.

I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme left forearm, wrist, and hand pain, so I iced it - it felt a little better by morning, but still ached. Dawson and I prayed, I took some Tylenol, and I am happy to say that I am feeling COMPLETELY better! PTL!!! Although my heart check was not a painful process last night, the pain that I experience in my arm reminded me that sometimes the "weeding" process can be a little painful (we may not "want" to give up an offense), but He is faithful in even healing us completely, and taking all pain away - and we are set free from those "weeds" that were taking up room in our lives!

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