Monday, July 16, 2007

Recent Phone Conversation

The following is the conversation that my 18 month old son has on his little (play) phone:

"Hu-oh" pause and listening intently

"to" pause and listening more intently

"fo" pause and listening even more intently

"Ba-bye" waving at the phone

The first time that I heard him having this conversation, I was in the kitchen, and he was in the family room. It is so cute to hear, and I did capture it on film. I found out that his Daddy was teaching him how to have a conversation on the phone - I am sure that he has witnessed many phone conversations too! It is so amazing what our little "sponges" learn.

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Thrills said...

Princess does the same kind of thing. I love to watch her. She will hold the phone to her ear with her shoulder (no hands) and "talk with her hands" while she is having a conversation. It is so cute. I just have to giggle.