Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Having Some "Fun"

This past Sunday, I was able to do something that I have not done in the past few months, and I really enjoyed it!

After small group, it was about 6:30ish when we arrived home, and I felt really inspired to weed! Brady had to be fed and put to bed, so I asked my DH if he would mind taking care of that, so that I could go and weed. He was very supportive of me (he does not like to weed at all), and off I went!

I was feeling really good, and I enjoyed the hour and a half of being in the outdoors with God and His creation. The ground was still somewhat moist, so weeding was not too hard. Weeding is not normally something that I would enjoy doing, but it was different this time. I was enjoying making our property, that God blessed us with, look a little nicer. I enjoyed smelling the outdoors while I prodded those little weeds out, and I thanked the Lord for this land that He gave to us. It was also nice to use the new kneeler/seat that Dawson bought for me last summer - the cushion on it is really nice! (thanks hunny!)

There is still more weeding to do - and I don't really look forward to the weeding necessarily, but I do look forward to some alone time with God in the outdoors. It was really nice to complete something and to see that it will stay that way for a little while (laundry and dishes are not "done" for long!). I had a sense of accomplishment, and that is something that I really needed to feel. God is so faithful to meet us right where we are, and I thank him for the renewed strength that He gave to me.


Thrills said...

I feel the same. I don't really enjoy weeding, but after it is done you really do feel like you accomplished something. Unlike dishes and laundry. Those are never done. I think it also helps that weeding only needs done a couple months out of the year and not daily ALL year.

Tracy W said...

And it's nice that you still can bend over and work - won't be long now that this will be a distant memory :) Glad to hear you got to get out and enjoy the alone time! How's the pregnancy progressing??

Dawson said...

Thank you sweetums
for all your hard work around the house. luv Dawson

Classic MaMa said...

:) Isn't it wonderful the way He calls us out to be with Him? (smiling sigh) I bet the flowers, grass and trees felt His presence too.