Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cousins and Best Buds

Today my sister had A LOT of errands to do. Brady and I did not have any major plans - playing with his new puzzles (well, we gave them to him for Christmas, but then realized that he was too young for them - he just wanted to put the large pieces into his mouth!), reading books, making some phone calls, you know, the usual stuff! So, I called her this morning, and asked her if she wanted to drop off Jeter and Barber here for the morning, while she ran her errands...she was so grateful, and all the cousins were excited to play together!

So, they watched Sesame Street, we read books, played with the puzzles, and cleaned up the mega bloks that were dumped all over the place! When my sister came back, we also played outside for a little bit.

When it was time for the cousins to leave, they did not want to go, and Brady did not want them to leave...Brady actually cried when they walked out the front door! You would think that we rarely saw them! It was really cute though...I know who his best friends are right now, and that puts a smile on my face.

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