Friday, July 27, 2007

On The Road Again

This past Wednesday, I had my 17 week well-baby check up. Everything went just fine. The baby's heartbeat was between 136-140 - so, it is still "on the fence" as far as the old wives tale is concerned. What is your guess? Well, we will hopefully find out the gender of our baby on the way in about 3 weeks!

Well, on to what was on my mind today. When I first found out that I was prego, I was so faithful in going for a daily walk with Brady (who is currently walking around the house with one sneaker on and plastic star sunglasses on his face - he is so adorable). Anyway, the weather started to get really hot, we went on vacation, and maybe a few days of rain, and that was it - I was out of the routine! I have been thinking about going for walks again, but that is all that I have been doing - thinking about it...until today!

This morning, Brady and I went for my regular walk around the development, and let me say, I felt really out of shape during the last 1/4 of my walk! It was also a little later than I wanted to go, so it was already starting to get a little hot and humid! So, I have decided that I am going to exercise every weekday morning, unless I have an appointment that is early in the morning (that does not happen too often, but once in a while).

Today was a beautiful day to restart my walking routine - and I am planning on continuing this!


Dawson said...

Way to go hun!!!

Classic MaMa said...

You are such an amazing woman. :) Amazing, I tell you!