Monday, July 23, 2007

A Long Awaited Trip

This weekend, we traveled up to Long Island to visit my family that lives up there, and to attend the Christening party of my cousin's daughter. Last year, I wanted to drive up for a visit, but with my tailbone still not completely healed, I was not "up" for the drive. So, this was an exciting time for me to be able to see my aunt, uncle, cousins, and their kids.

My sister asked them what names we could use for them on our blogs, but I still need to get a few of them before I can introduce them to you! For now, they are my Italian cousins - because my aunt that married into the family is 100% Italian - and a great cook!

A few of the highlights from our little trip:

*Brady loved playing in the little kiddie pool, and the crab sandbox - it is making me think that I really need to look into getting these items...maybe someone will be parting with a sandbox in good condition at a garage sale...because those things can be a little pricey!

*I loved meeting 2 new additions to the family - the little boy is only 18 days younger than Brady, and his sister is about 10 weeks old. The two boys looked so cute playing together in the sandbox! The older cousins also had a lot of fun playing in the sandbox too!

*The Christening party was a lot of fun, and the Italian food was so delicious! I have not found a place that has such delicious food down here in PA...eggplant rollatini (which I am going to attempt to make!), chicken parm, chicken francais, sausage and peppers (Dawson enjoyed), garlic knots, salad, and pasta in a creamy vodka sauce - so delicious!

*Most of all, I loved seeing my family, hanging out and talking - there is nothing like family. I was reminded of the fun times that we had together as kids, and I am so glad that the fun can still continue now that we are adults - we just do not run around as much!

*Dawson, Brady, and I drove past the house that I grew up in - and it still looks similar, but the huge Japanese maple in the front yard has died - and that is so sad and weird, because it was alive and well the whole time that we were living there. It is weird that it is still up in the yard, and not pulled out yet.

I still have some friends that live on LI, but this trip was too short to visit with any of them. So, hopefully we will make another trip up there next year - with our new bundle of joy...because my other cousin is due with her first baby 12 days after my due date! I am looking forward to meeting this new baby too!


Classic MaMa said...

How great! When I lived on LI we went to a church with what seemd all Italians and, let me tell you, that church had the best pot luck dinners ever. :)

I haven't been back there in about 10 years. When My brother and I drove past our old house, we were sad because they replaced all Dad's shingles with vinyl siding.

Still, it would be nice to just to go once again for some really good food.

Dawson said...

They don't call it Long Island for no reason. I am drained from driving off that island in rain.